Fall is my favorite time of year and I was happy to have left my desk and laptop behind to scout for a photo shoot I've been planning. With a small bag of red delicious apples swung on my arm, I meandered through patches of morning sun that danced between the trees. I've had my eye on this particular orchard for a few years. I had a vague childhood memory of apple picking from well manicured rows and the small farm was just as picturesque as my fuzzy memory recalled. Behind Madison's thoughtful demeanor I found a wildly artistic flair. Highlighting these parts of her personality in the photographs became my new goal. She rarely has a moment to herself but when she found a break in her hectic schedule, we were swapping snapshots and ideas for her sessions.

Planning for her first session seemed to flow out in a colorful rush. We met at the small family-owned orchard tucked away next to a quiet lake. It was a blustery, chilly day but she made her job of relaxing in front of my lens look effortless. Our anticipation fought off the chill and our mutual excitement kept us warm, darting from one side of the farm to the other.

It only made sense to have this girl's nose in a book during a few shots, while the crisp air added just the right amount of rosy pink to her cheeks. During the second session I had planned to take Madison and her Mom to a sleepy river town nearly an hour from the studio. Its serenity was a perfect pair to her sweet and insightful persona. I had a feeling the last shot of the evening would be our favorite. My intuition was spot on that night. Think you can pick out which shot I'm talking about? I'll give you a hint. The evening light cast the most beautiful glow on her long hair and reflected softly off the water. Did you pick out our favorite? It hangs on the wall at Madison's house, a lovely canvas illustrating an even lovelier girl.

Congrats on graduation! - Laura