story board - kitchen fun
story board - kitchen fun

Let's just say I have devoted quite a bit of time to baking in the last few weeks. Does that mean my chocolate and vanilla butter cream cupcakes turn out perfect every time, or that I even attempt those tiny perfect french macaroons I so badly want to master?

Nah, instead after a few small successes and one big epic fail (Check out my instagram or facebook page to see the strawberry bomb I baked this week.) I decided to leave behind the dangerous war zone that is now my kitchen and the cupcake papers I forgot to buy.

While describing vividly to my bestie, Trish on the phone this morning my bomb of a cake, I decided its time to head back to familiar territory. I will admit it sure is mouth watering to watch her and my friends at Cream and Flutter serve up one lovely (calorie loaded) bite after another... Not to mention with what style and perfection they do it! Lets be brutally honest though, Its time to accept my place, and its not in the kitchen!

An now...a ode to my dreams of becoming a master bakeress! O.K.!! I will cut the drama now and get back to what I know... Design!

Here is a taste of a session I styled last summer for two sweet graduates. Enjoy! xoxo- Laura

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