His larger then life baritone filled the studio before the rest of him turned the corner. This rich velvety voice coming from my newest client almost made me wonder if a young Morgan Freeman had just stepped in. I tried not to acknowledge the surprise that I'm certain was taking over my face. Introductions were hardly necessary since lively conversation seemed to come oh, so naturally. I almost instantly knew that I wasn't working with an average high school student.

Gabe is not just a highly motivated dark-haired 18 year old, he's witty, intelligent and might I add quite dashing!... Our photo session took us out for lattes at 30/30 and into Mark Twain Hotel's distinguished looking library. Before it even seemed possible for the afternoon to have ended, it had. The last of the orange streaks were being erased off the horizon. No matter what the time of year, this means I am on the road somewhere heading back to the studio from a session... thank you, Gabe for making this one such a blast!

Congratulations on your graduation this spring! There is no doubt in my mind you will find all the things you are looking for. All the best!