_MG_0832 - Version 2 trish for blog5
_MG_0832 - Version 2 trish for blog5
_MG_0832 - Version 2 trish for blog
_MG_0832 - Version 2 trish for blog
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_MG_0832 - Version 2 trish for blog6

Let's talk about products. 

Yep, I get sucked in just like the rest of you. Fancy labels and bright colors always call to me from the shelf.  I'm enticed and drawn towards a well-designed box full of empty promises. The designer in me caves, and throwing reason to the wind, I indulge in another well-branded product to sit on my bathroom shelf hardly used.  Saying, "No", has been a newly developed skill for me.  

My sister and I suffer from the same wallet destructive disorder, boasting a "product closet" in our bathrooms as expansive as any teen magazine. Hey, we're not perfect but we have selected a few pearls from our endless research.  If you too are dipping your head in shame, I feel you. There is hope for your speedy recovery. Yes, you can still enjoy occasionally indulging in your favorite prettily packaged beauty product ... and still pat yourself on the back for a "smart buy"!

Since I hear the question, "What products do you recommend for my photo shoot?" on a regular basis I thought, why not take a few minutes to disclose some of my best beauty secrets and how they translate into flawless photos.

So what products are in my bag? Here are just a few of my tried and true beauty must haves.  If I was to be stranded on a island with only a handful of products these are the ones I'd pick.

1. Too Faced - Primed & Poreless - (Makeup Primer)

While visiting NYC a few weeks ago I was ready to lay down a few bucks for a primer and freshening spray to hold the face in place.   I popped into Sephora and dramatically described my situation. A cosmetologist with questionable colors on her face said, "Girl. you come with me!" She yanked my arm and marched me over to two displays I wouldn't have considered, Urban Decay and Too Faced... I mean, the bottles aren't very pretty.  She was right and three weeks later I still LOVE all three items I added to my bag that afternoon.

I highly recommend Too Faced's Makeup Primers. Especially if you have a photo shoot coming up. It not only minimizes pores but HIDES WRINKLES TOO.  I'm 26 now and starting to notice my first few.

2. Urban Decay - Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Here's yet another maddening issue with summer heat. Eyeshadow lines!  Maybe you've tried to blend those pesky creases out while sitting at your desk. You pull out your can-do-anything-except-cook-dinner iphone and peer into the camera... maybe you can make a quick fix.  The worst is that you've just lived with those atrocious lines the rest of the day only to go home and toss out your favorite shadow because it couldn't do the job. Tear.

Check out this eye primer also from Urban Decay. So far I will be using it until the day I die.  Moisturizing and wrinkle reducing, need I say more?!

I don't know if its because in the past I have bought, (cover your ears girls), cheap eye shadows.  Amazingly, when I quickly rub on a thin coat of Urban's Eye Primer even my cheap shadows can hold their own.  The colors look richer and less transparent. This eye primer, like the face primer and finishing spray all MOISTURIZE!  This is key ladies. A soft face looks beautiful in photos. Of course, I can soften your skin in photoshop but why not look like this everyday? 

3. Urban Decay - Dew Me - (Moisturizing Makeup Setting Spray)

To wear foundation and powder to a photo shoot or not? Good question! I have always preferred a glowing, dewy, fresh face in photos.  This catches the perfect amount of highlights and looks so youthful. [Insert an indignant snort from reader here.]  We all know Jennifer Lopez and Eva Mendes are the few, if not only people that could pull this one off you huff.  I thought so too until I found this little secret.  When you've finished applying makeup GENEROUSLY spritz your entire face with Setting Spray. Voila!! Magic!  Great, full coverage from your usual foundation and powder yet a glowing skin to face the camera.

4. Lip Stain 

I'm sitting back and counting my blessings with all the great new lip stains rolling into stores.  Especially if you don't want your white china cup to smile back at brunch.  Lip Stains are also perfect if you're preparing for a session with your special someone. I love a kissing photo just as much as the next photographer. To avoid awkward lipstick marks on his cheek grab a lip stain in your favorite color. I will put money on the fact that you'll make the switch from sticky, smudgy glosses to a smear-free stain pronto.

I hope you find some helpful hints for your next photo shoot, as always I love to hear your thoughts... 

xo, Laura

P.S. Two of these images are from a destination wedding in Oregon last summer. Just a reminder to take time for a little extra pampering before your photo session - you're worth it!