I whispered another snarky one liner in her direction, not because I think I'm all that funny, but because I loved the reaction it was sure to get. Like magic, those vivid blue eyes lit up as she tossed her head back for the hundred time that day and let out a good hearty belly laugh.  I loved this almost as much as the way she playfully performed for my camera.  

She's quick on the court whether setting a spike or lacing up her Nike hightops to play ball for RBHS. I should have known I'd need another latte to keep up with her energy level. She's the girl who stands out in a crowd and not just because she's gorgeous.

Her brother adores her and her sisters want to grow up to be just like her. She brings tears to her daddy's eye's at the sight of her all grown up in that beautiful black gown and makes her mom proudly reminiscent of her own days on the volleyball court. She can bring the crazy out of anyone and yet make you feel completely relaxed. You instantly know you want to be friends with her, she's all that... and yet somehow more. 

Taylor and I met up the night before her session, neither of us able to wait any longer.  I had been in our hotel anxiously planning for the next day's session while pacing around the room. Of course I jumped at the chance to get a personal tour around the town of Saint Joseph, MI from Taylor's crew (Mom, aunt and two sisters). Lets just say the beach was filled with laughing and dancing that night!

*Please note, Taylor had so many great images its impossible to view them all at once - check back soon for more images from her session.

xo, Laura