My cheeks hurt. Tears blurred my vision. I doubled over clutching my side with laughter as a random car slowly passed honking at our theatrics. I tried one more time to secure the chandelier on the lowest tree limb, which was still far out of my reach. Five minutes of sun's waning light left and I desperately wanted a few more shots. Kelsey, teetering in heals, her grandmothers pearls and an elegant silk dress offers me a boost. With her mom on the other side the two catapult me towards the nearest branch - laughing hysterically the entire time.

Her laugh is contagious and sense of humor a riot. I bet even taking out the trash is fun with her! She didn't miss a beat as we began her session - dubbing her mom our personal chauffeur in the "party van". The next alley-way became our new studio and Colleen our official D.J. Miss K. was in her element. She was dancing even before our D.J. began playing her requests... Of course I am cheering her on! "Perfect - I loooove that!" I laugh, not willing to lower my camera. I think it is true... blondes do have more fun.